The Story of a Sign


Its pretty awesome.

BTW...Never actually made it to Africa. Got all the way to the gate and after about 7 last calls for passengers, everybody showed up. We are going to try again in mid September when everybody stops traveling and gets their butts back in school.

South Africa

Okay, so...I am making my triumphant return to the blogging world with a post about South Africa. My wife Talie and I are going and if you click on this link right here> you can find out all about it. So here is the deal. I am tagging along with Imagine Foundation to film and take pictures for the marketing material to sell the products and to show how you can help these women's situations.

Here is where it gets hairy. We have been trying to fly out on standby for the last 8 days. We have been packed for a week now and have made about 4 trips to the airport. Thats right, drove down, parked, lugged all of our baggage, stood in line at the check in counter, and turned around and went right back home. I am now writing this sitting in the Atlanta airport at Gate E3 eagerly awaiting to find out if we will make it on the flight.

So here is some positive thinking:
If you have ever been to Africa, do you have any tips while I am there? Is there anything I should avoid?

Let me know and IF I leave today then I will keep you updated where we have internet access.



I love this guy.

It took me until about half way through to get it.


No take the next right

Has anyone ever told you about a youtube video and said, "Oh dude, just type in ... and just get ready to laugh dude." and when you type it in you get all the way through a 4 1/2 minute long video without laughing just to say to yourself, "Im not sure if thats the video he intended for me to see."?
Just wonder'in.


Happy Easter


Freeze Dirt Bag!

I promise this is the last facial hair post for a while.

Uncle Hulihee

So here it is...the Hulihee. Thanks for all who voted. I think as a consolation im going to rock the Magnum PI Mustache tomorrow. So tonight, I am off to small group and possibly the gym after that. If I can make it over to see Sammy at Walmart that would be great. Its been a great day as Uncle Hulihee. Most of the feedback has been positive. BJ even said that if it were a little shorter he thinks I could pull it off for real

Thanks again for the votes.


And the winner is...

The Hulihee!

It was a close race and there was a three way tie for the victory until the last 15 min before the poles closed.
Here is where everyone weighed in:

Chin Curtain-4
Handlebar with chin puff-4

I can tell you that the work has been done and yes, I can pull of the Hulihee. Check back later for pics of me going throughout my day as Uncle Hulihee.




So my wife Talie and I were at Walmart and as we were checking out, the guy ringing me up (broken english, native African) said I look like the guy on tv. Of course my next question was which one, fully expecting someone awesome like Tom Cruise or Luke Wilson. He then said something that neither Talie nor I could make out at first. After closer investigation we realized that he said that I look like the guy from the Cave Man tv show. Now I personally think that my beard is pretty rad and I was really holding out for a Jesus role in our church production this Easter, but after todays planning meeting I realized that they are not going to ask me to play Jesus this year. Now there is no reason after Sammy's (Walmart guy) comment to keep the beard any longer.

Which brings me to this post. I will wear whatever style of facial hair that gets the most votes.
Here are the rules:

1. Voting will last all week and will close next Sunday night (March 16th)
2. I will then wear the most popular style all day on Monday to work and to small group and probably to the gym and maybe back to walmart.
3. You can only vote once
4. The straight up Mustache is not on the list but is fully welcomed in the voting process

Below are the before pictures and even further down are the options/styles



Craigs List

So my friend Brian Korosec just sent me this listing under the "free" category at Craigs List Nashville. Click on the image to enlarge it if you have trouble reading it. Thanks Brian

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